JUNE 12-21, 2003

A Taste of New Orleans
All the Kings Men
Amy Rempel
Antibalas Afrobeat Orchestra
Bad Weather
Beady Belle
Beni D Quartet
Benny Green and Russell Malone
Big Dave McLean
Big Jay and the Jive Flyers
Blue Line Express
Blues DeVille
Bob Watts
Burn Rome In A Dream
Chess Club
Curtis Newton
Cyrus Chestnut
David Hasselfield
Denzal Sinclaire
DJ Grandmaster Flash
Do Make Say Think
Dominique Reynolds
George Reznik
Holly Cole
Hot Toddy
Ilena Zaramba
Jack Brass Band
Jack de Keyzer
Jason Wilson
Jeff Preslaff
Jennifer Hanson
Jesse Cook
JFK and the Conspirators
Jodie Borle
Joe Bonamassa
Jordan Cook
Jully Black
June Harris
Klowak/Cummings Group
Kyle Riabko
Lee Aaron
Little Feat
Maggi May
Marc Atkinson
Mark Reeves
Martha Brooks
Mocking Shadows
Mood Ruff
Moses Mayes and the Funk Family Orchestra
Papa Mambo
Peters Drury Trio
Phil Dwyer
Project Cool
Red River Hustlers
River City Blues Band
Ron Paley
Rosmarie Todaschuk
Rumba Caldzada
Sara Dell
Ten Too Many
The Afterbeat
The Barrymores
The Buhr Quartet
The Dears
The Throbtones
Ticket to Brazil
Tracy K
Walle Larsson