There’s nothing like jazz in the winter — making our way through the frozen city to huddle, transfixed in a room with thawing strangers who are also transfixed by the big, warm sounds of strings and horns. Kind of the best, right? We think so and we can’t wait to share those types of experiences with you this season and the shows in our upcoming lineup will deliver those and so much more.Between Measha Brueggergossman’s powerful spirituals and a slate of invigorating experimental music from local artists; there really is something that will appeal to and excite each and every kind of jazz lover.

Wednesday, February 15 at 8pm
West End Cultural Centre

Jazz Winnipeg is pleased to present Measha Brueggergosman’s powerful project, “Songs Of Freedom”. Breuggergosman is one of Canada’s foremost opera stars who is got back to her cultural and musical roots with the project, spearheaded last year. Involving a documentary, a journey to her family’s homeland of Cameroon, and an exploration of her Nova Scotian roots, Brueggergosman’s voice shines while taking on these powerful songs of freedom. The importance and impact of the project can, perhaps, best be explained in the singer’s own words:

“I wanted to explore this repertoire because it’s dear to my heart. These spirituals are close to my Christian faith. They are also a very important part of my family’s history. It is the music of my people. The spirituals were born out of a time when my people were oppressed and needed to find a way not only to communicate with each other, but also to express themselves. They created a powerful snapshot of their lives that still resonates with people today. The reason the songs survived so long is because of their immediacy. They have the universality of a mournful yet hopeful existence. They have strength. Every group of people who have held their elbows out to create room for themselves has these kinds of songs.”

We have this tradition in the winter where we present a series featuring Manitoba artists and give them an opportunity to try something new. Whether it’s a brand new project, some creatively risky new songs, or artists trying out a new sound; Nu Sounds is about bold ideas and daring creative pursuits. The results have always been incredible and have delighted, engaged, and challenged the audiences. Jazz Winnipeg is delighted to be presenting this series for 2017 with support from the Manitoba Arts Council, Manitoba Music, and UMFM. We hope you’ll join us at The Park Theatre again this year for the following projects:

With Julian Bradford and Special Guests
Sunday, January 15 at 8pm

Marco Castillo considers the groundbreaking father of post-bossa music, Hermeto Pascoal to be his biggest influence. Pascoal was an eccentric, experimental, virtuosic player, and underrated legend who shaped Brazilian music as we know it. Castillo will pay homage to his hero’s innovative sound and play some originals inspired by the Pascoal sound.

With Heitha Forsyth, Erin Propp, Sheena Rattai, 
Julian Bradford, and Quincy Davis
Sunday, February 19 at 8pm
Some of Winnipeg’s tightest jazz musicians join forces with some of Winnipeg’s most powerhouse vocalists to present songs from a bountiful songbook of contemporary indie/pop music. The ensemble will put their own spin on songs by artists like The Alabama Shakes, Wilco, The Weakerthans, and Sufjan Stevens while creating a lyrical story arc that accompanies the incredible musicianship. It’s Keith Price like you’ve never seen him and these songs like you’ve never heard them.
With Special Guests
Sunday, March 26 at 8pm
What happens when you merge electronica and swing music? You get electroswing! What’s that sound like? You’ll just have to come to Collection Get’s debut of their new project, Swing Out! to see for yourself. Accompanied by a beatboxer in place of a drummer, a single horn instead of a brass section, and an artist creating animated visual creations to accompany the swinging sounds, this show is like no other you will experience this year.

With Julian Bradford, Keith Price, and Daniel Roa
Sunday, April 23 at 8pm
Join us for a jazz interpretation of The Great Canadian Songbook. Amber Epp transforms songs that you love from classic Canadian artists like Leonard Cohen, The Guess Who, and Joni Mitchell while infusing the set with tunes by contemporary artists like Tegan and Sara and Feist. The furthest thing from a cover band, Epp and company want to preserve the original spirit of the work while presenting it with a new energy.
The ensemble will also present four original compositions that represent their contribution to Canada’s illustrious creative tradition.